Is Family-Friendly Social Media Possible?

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This time, I am gonna write about social media and families. Today, Children use social media applications increasingly. One out of every three young children uses social media, but parental monitoring is less prevalent. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic and home-schooling afterward, the screen time of children has gone up. According to a survey, during the Covid-19 pandemic, parents found it more difficult to limit their children’s screen time, and up to half of the parents of children aged 5 to 15 stated they had to loosen certain rules regarding what their children did online in 2020.

Safe Social Media

“If parents allow their young children to use social media, they should ensure that the child’s online environment is as safe as possible.” Says of the researchers.

Sharing what you know helps you learn by doing research, synthesizing multiple viewpoints, and crystallizing ideas, thus increasing your knowledge. It is fact that there are wide-range of contents that could be harmful to children. And today, the Internet is knowledge. We cannot keep children from using the internet, and therefore social media.

A Safe Tool for Social Media

At that point, there are some tools ensuring users manage content available on social media environments. One of those, Wowso App makes family-friendly social media possible by the Artificial Intelligence in its codes which are being developed every day by a dedicated team.  It controls content before being displayed by users according to settings specified by them and displays valuable content on the topics chosen before. Wowso, also allows users to combine Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter accounts on itself, ensuring users use only one platform/app.

Wowso could be an option for parents to find a happy medium to keep their children away from the harmful content as much as possible and to let them access ‘true’ knowledge in a short way.


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