Do You Spend So Much Time on Social Media?

Time is truly the most precious thing we truly have. Effective time management in social media become the most prominent problem nowadays. There are plenty of social media platforms available, and the depth and breadth of them available are unbelievable.

By the way, It’s not difficult to handle content and notifications for your social media sites if you participate in one or two. However, if you’re participating in multiple locations, keeping track of your time and efforts while still covering all of your bases can be difficult.

So, do we use time consciously? 

According to a new study from Uswitch, Adults in the United Kingdom spend half of their day in front of a screen, either browsing the internet or watching television. Again, Last year, the average American spent almost 1,300 hours on social media.

The social network has been on the slide among younger users, who are increasingly gravitating towards apps including Instagram and TikTok – which allow them to be more creative and express themselves, the study’s authors stated.

Spending too much time in front of the screen can have negative health consequences, ranging from weight gain and poor sleep to increased illness susceptibility. Increased screen usage is linked to sedentary behavior, which can lead to a decline in physical health and well-being.

Excessive screen usage has been linked to sadness and anxiety in numerous studies. With the rise of social media apps, there has been an increase in unrealistic standards that are exhibited on these apps to promote the “ideal” life. Negative thinking, low self-esteem, and confidence concerns can all result from these comparisons.

Using certain apps could help you to reduce your screen time

There are numerous identical applications with similar features, regardless of the type of activities, we plan to engage in. Using Apps to monitor multiple channels is a way to get rid of time-wasting, and the most time-saving strategy you can adopt.

One of the best ways to easily monitor your accounts is to use a scheduling and monitoring platform such as Wowso, which enables you to manage multiple social media accounts and from the one dashboard and/or mobile app.

By using Wowso you can schedule weeks’ or months’ worth of curated social media content ahead of time, monitor engagement and access detailed analytics. 

Personalized AI technology-driven platform

Wowso is a unique AI technology-driven platform that uses a personalized algorithm that brings original, fresh and related content for your entertainment and fun.

Wowso uses AI to curate trending content from social media and then display it in a categorized & customized news feed. Content comes in text, photo & video format for easy overview. Here are some information about Wowso:

• Find all the quality information and social media content you need.

• Browse through categories such as arts and culture, business, celebrities, food, fun, lifestyle, news, sports, and much more.

• Use Wowso for commenting, posting and reposting the content you like.

• Connect with your Social Accounts: Interact easily with social content including commenting on existing content and posting new ones.

• Compatible to use: Wowso is compatible with multiple devices.

• Your Personal Magazine: Wowso enables you to create your own “Social media content” magazine by selecting the topics that you want to hear about.

• Free and Unlimited: Not all social platforms are free. But, Wowso is an awesome social media monitoring app that is free of any cost.

• New & intuitive user interface: Wowso lets you slide down with every new story highlight.

• Your pace: Browse the latest trending story on social media from the last 6 hours or up to a week back.

• Login with Twitter or Reddit

• Take action and share posts

• Did you like it? Add the content on social media to your favorites for browsing later.

• Explore contents through selected categories or randomly surf trending contents on social media

• No need to rush as you can reselect the topics again if you have changed your mind

• Enable notifications to be kept updated with the current social media trend

• Wowso is a social media content curator from where you can learn from them, or take it as fun.

How to use Wowso 

Download the app, select topics that interest you, and you’re done!  Comment on posts, re-post, like and schedule your personalized posts. It has never been this easy and fun to find and share content or to filter your feed.