How to Avoid Social Media Noise

Social media is a highly effective tool for interacting with others and sharing information. But it can be difficult to keep up with a large amount of content released on social media every day. The constant stream of alerts about irrelevant posts can be highly frustrating and distracting. This blog article explores practical tips to avoid social media noise and create a more pleasurable and productive online experience.

Be Selective in Who You Follow

Following too many people can cause social media noise. Be selective in who you follow, and ensure the content they share is relevant and exciting. You can also unfollow accounts that no longer provide value or are too noisy.

Every social media platform has an algorithm. We don’t know exactly how their algorithm works. Basically, they claim that they show you posts according to the accounts and topics you follow, the posts you like, your search records, etc. Even if this is true, sometimes you encounter irrelevant posts. To reduce the noise, check your lists and settings.

Pay Attention to Privacy Settings

Controlling the noise on social media requires paying attention to privacy settings. You may manage who sees your posts, limit the number of alerts you receive, and avoid unwanted interactions by altering your settings. Review and update your privacy settings occasionally to experience a more comfortable and safer online environment.

Use a Content Curation Tool

Use a content curation tool like Wowso to avoid social media noise. Wowso can help you streamline your social media experience by curating the best content on your favorite topics. Wowso’s AI-powered content curation process ensures you receive the most relevant and high-quality content on your favorite topics without sifting through irrelevant posts.

Take Breaks

Finally, taking breaks from social media can reduce the noise and give you a chance to recharge. Schedule some time away from social media and focus on other activities that bring you joy and relaxation.


In conclusion, the noise of social media can be overwhelming. But you can create a more focused, enjoyable, and productive online environment by using a content curation tool. By using Wowso, you can curate content on your favorite topics from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit and avoid the noise and clutter associated with those platforms. You can find useful, trustworthy, and enjoyable content with the aid of Wowso’s content curation feature, making it simpler to keep up with the latest trends in your area of interest and avoid social media noise.