How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts at Once

Along with the growth of social media, having multiple Twitter accounts has become very common. Businesses, brands, influencers, etc. are increasingly using multiple accounts, but managing them at once is not as easy as having them. Whether individuals or brands, every Twitter handle owner’s wish is to increase their social media audience. So, knowing how to manage multiple Twitter accounts is an important step for your social media campaign.

Why to have multiple accounts

For businesses

Well, if you want to go the extra mile towards the growth of your business, you need to have extra accounts.

If you are still new to the social media field, this may seem a little extra, but it is the right thing to do to grow your business online.

Multiple Twitter accounts can be a helpful technique for covering various aspects of your business. Different perspectives can be included, ensuring that your brand grows exponentially within a specified time frame with generated traffic across multiple accounts.

Having multiple accounts for the same brand also ensures you have different accounts for different services. For example, you can have an account that is solely dedicated to customer service and feedback. This will also help in building customer relationships and also create a reliable identity for your brand.

Multiple business accounts would help you generate more traffic and more potential leads as well as handle all customer interactions, services, and product services. It will also give you insights into how well your business is doing and help you monitor your business on Twitter.

Another benefit of managing multiple Twitter accounts is that you can reach out to a large target audience with multiple categories, different products, and so on. These accounts generate more traffic to your business from Twitter.

For individuals

Let us now consider your personal account. If you run a business, your personal brand as an entrepreneur or CEO has an influential role in your overall prosperity. In some cases, a personal account has more influence than a business account.

Your personal Twitter account (or accounts) will have a more personal touch to it, maybe even political and critical, and will show how you are influencing the market. This will help you build essential connections or give you leads for your next big project or even generate leads for your business.

Thus, having a personal or business account to build your business is the right way to go.

Even if you don’t own a business, you may still want to have multiple Twitter accounts. Maybe you have several hobbies or interests and you wish to manage one account for one niche. Also, niche-oriented accounts are more likely to grow on Twitter.

Whatever your reason may be for handling multiple Twitter accounts, it is imperative to manage all of them through a single platform.

Who can manage?

Businesses and brands that have multiple social media accounts need professional help. They frequently hire a social media manager or digital marketing agency.

Social media managers and agencies are responsible for managing and analyzing multiple accounts at once. They try to grow those accounts and reach as many people as possible. Managing multiple accounts seamlessly is the key to a successful Twitter campaign.

Twitter accounts are an important part of a brand’s social media identity, so it is the responsibility of social media managers and digital marketing agencies to keep all profiles active and publishing on time.

Managing multiple accounts is tiring

Managing multiple Twitter accounts, especially if you are a social media manager who’s in charge of handling multiple clients at once, can be even more arduous. One can easily be confused between clients’ accounts and his/her personal account. This may cause a tweet to be posted on the wrong account. This is a shame, both for the brand and the social media manager.

Social media managers have to shift through different Twitter accounts on a daily basis and find it difficult to keep tabs on each of the accounts. This tedious task of switching between multiple Twitter accounts numerous times a day can turn out to be quite hectic.

How to handle this task

While we have established that handling different Twitter accounts simultaneously can be challenging, let us try to understand further how to tackle this issue.

Twitter allows a user to toggle between up to five accounts simultaneously. This can be done through a browser on your desktop or the mobile Twitter app.

If you are a social media manager, you definitely manage more than five accounts. A social media or digital marketing agency manages hundreds at least. And you know how difficult it is to manage multiple accounts for multiple brands and ensure all posts are posted on time on the right accounts.

The second issue is keeping your personal and business accounts separate. When you have multiple business and personal accounts, it is easy to get confused and post the right tweet to the wrong account. This takes time and a lot of practice, and, of course, patience.

Wouldn’t your life get a whole lot easier if you were able to handle all of it from a single dashboard?

A Twitter management tool is essential

Managing and analyzing multiple accounts effectively requires practice and expertise. However, a Twitter management tool can be very helpful to accomplish this tedious job. 

Soaster, a powerful Twitter management tool, can help you manage multiple accounts.

This app allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one single dashboard without having to toggle between accounts. Once you’ve subscribed, you can add multiple Twitter accounts

They provide you with detailed information to analyze the engagement performance of all accounts at the same time.

Soaster is an AI-optimized software with cutting-edge tools that helps social media managers effectively do their jobs.

With a single subscription to Soaster;

You can handle multiple accounts simultaneously with a single unified dashboard. It also helps analyze each of these accounts separately and collectively monitor them.

You will be able to save time by scheduling your upcoming tweets to be posted right on time. With this option, you can plan your tweets for all your accounts from one dashboard without logging in and out.

You will get a comprehensive graphical representation of your social media growth. It also gives you a numerical analysis of how your social media accounts are doing.


Managing multiple Twitter accounts requires a great deal of time and energy. Using a Twitter management tool will definitely ease the workload.

Whether you run a business or you want to grow your niche accounts, multiple Twitter accounts will always help you reach a greater audience and monetize your social presence.

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