Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Wowso’s policies regarding privacy, data protection and transparency are listed below in detail. These policies apply to all services and products offered by Wowso.

Collected Information:

Required Input:

Wowso users can use the application with three level of features. 1) All users start with this basic level. In this mode of operation users do not need to provide any login information. However, users are only “viewers” of the content Wowso provides in this level. Users cannot take any social media related actions such as posting, commenting, liking. Wowso does not offer any user based customization for these users. 2) Users can create a Wowso account with email address and Woswso password. In this mode of operation users still cannot take any social media actions. However, they will able to benefit the appearance and functionality customization features. 3) This is the level on which users can take social media related actions. To be able to access this level users must log in the app through the social media on which they want to take actions. Users can add more social media accounts by invoking the related social media login process.

Optional Input:

Optional features include profile pictures and bio’s. To optimize the user experience, permission to reach location and contact information can be requested.

Automatic Input:

The data retrieved automatically by the platform are device, software and operating system informations, device IDs, advertising IDs, IP address, date and time of each action performed on Wowso. If the account is linked with a third party service, then Wowso also reaches information provided through these platforms based upon their privacy policies. Moreover, if connected to a the third party service, user also abides by their privacy policy.

Usage and Disclosure of Information :

The major purpose for the information usage is to customize and optimize the user experience by analyzing individual patterns in the usage.

Another usage is through advertisement partners that utilize individualized ad selections. You can find more about and how to opt out of third-party advertising by visiting and

Your personal information can only be shared under these cases:

User consent: if the user gives consent to, after informed about what will be shared with whom.
Legal obligation: if there is a necessity to abide by a law, regulation or legal process. The user will be informed in such case in advance unless a law or court order orders not to do so.
Emergency: if we believe it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person.
Third-parties: to enable marketing, technical and analytic partners to evaluate and improve the service provided. These partners are also required to obey by the privacy policy.
Aggregated and/or non-identifiable data: Collective actions of a user or all users can be shared with other companies. In such case, the user(s) identifiable information will be anonymized by ID’s and such.

Web Storage and Tracking Policy

Cookies and HTML5 are used to optimize your experience. These applications retain information about users’ internet usage to serve them more personalized service. If you prefer not using one or either, you have the selection of turning them off though some of the options of the app might not work in such case.

Your Rights

Change and/or Correct Information
Erase and/or Delete Information
Object to and/or Restrict Use of Information

Data Deletion/Retention

Information regarding an account is retained as long as the account exists. If the account is deleted, the user will not be able to use the service but some non-identifiable information may be retained for statistical purposes.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Some changes may be made to the privacy policy as Wowso continues to improve and advance its service. In such cases, the update will be posted on the website. If major alteration is made with regards to user rights, all users will be notified about it. Continuing to use Wowso suggests the user accepts the changes to the privacy policy.


If you have any questions or suggestions about the privacy policy, please contact us at